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Instructions for Using Insta-Kit™ Builder

You will need to know the following information to purchase an overhaul kit.

  1. Style of valve covers (Series 53, 71 & 149 engines)
  2. Type of cylinder block (series inline 71 only)
  3. Size of con-rod bearings (Std., .010, etc...)
  4. Size of main bearings (Std., .010, etc...)
  5. Style of piston (series 53 & 71 engines)
  6. Size of cylinder liners (series 71 engines)
  7. Engine serial # (to assist in cylinder kit choice if not known)
    Series Inline 53 ~ Series V53 ~ Series Inline 71 ~ Series V71 ~ Series 92 ~ Series 149

The contents of the overhaul kits are listed to help you determine which kit will best suit your needs, either the In-Frame or the Out-Of-Frame overhaul kit. The overhaul kit descriptions will state if the kit is for a 2 valve naturally aspirated, 4 valve naturally aspirated or turbocharged engine and will also list which pistons (trunk type or crosshead) are included in it.

After selecting the “BUY” button you will notice an orange colored "Choose" block at the left side of each section requiring a selection made in that field. Once a selection is made, the orange colored "Choose" block will move down to the next section requiring your next selection.

Since the Cylinder Kit choice can be numerous and confusing, we have listed a "HELP" link that once read will give you the understanding to make the correct choice. If the "HELP" link is not listed, you will need to select the “Unknown” button. This will allow you to select the correct cylinder liner size (for Series 71 engines only), which will require you to enter the engine serial number before you can proceed. After the engine serial number is entered, you must select the "Update" button to add the overhaul kit to your order. We will use this information to identify the correct cylinder kit for your engine and complete the overhaul kit for shipment. After placing an order, make sure that your email address and other contact information is listed correctly. We will contact you if the overhaul kit does not match your engine serial number.

Please note, for your convenience, the engine serial number field will show up on all overhaul kits, only as an option unless the "Unknown" button is selected.

*Currently all In-Frame and Out-Of-Frame overhaul kits are only available with OEM Replacement parts.