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John Deere Engine Identification - Page 3

Engine Serial Number Plate - Power Units

Each power unit has its own individual serial number. The power unit serial number plate is located near the fuel pump on the right hand side of the cylinder block.

Power Units Up To Serial Number 185199

  1. This first letter designates the engine. M-Engine
  2. This number designates the series. 4-135 or 152
  3. This number designates the fuel type of the engine. 1-Gasoline, 2-LP Gas, 3-Diesel
  4. This letter designates the using factory. N-Des Moines Works
  5. This letter designates the engine variation and application. A-Initial Design, B-First Variation, C-Second Variation
  6. These six (6) digits designate the power unit serial number.
  7. This letter designates the manufacturer of the power unit. T-John Deere Dubuque Works

Power Units From Serial Number 185200-UP

  1. This number designates the number of cylinders. 3-Three Cylinder
  2. These numbers designate the cubic inch displacement. 152-153 Cubic Inch (2212 CM3)
  3. This letter designates the fuel type of the engine. D-Diesel, G-Gasoline
  4. This letter designates the using factory. N-Des Moines Works
  5. These numbers designate the engine version. 01-Initial Design, 02-First Variation
  6. These six (6) numbers designate the portion of the power unit serial number shown in the serial number.

Power Units Engine Option Code Label

Engine Option Codes

In addition to the serial number plate, OEM engines have an engine option code label affixed to the rocker arm cover. These codes indicate which of the engine options were installed on your engine at the factory. The first two digits of each code identify a specific group, such as an alternator. The two last digits of each code identify one specific option provided on your engine, such as a 12 volt, 55 ampere alternator. If an engine is ordered without a particular component, the last two digits of that functional Group option code will be 9.