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Powerline Components ®
Premium Remanufactured Injectors

Injectors with a "R" prefix = Genuine Powerline Components ®
Injectors with an "RR" prefix = Genuine
Reliabilt ®

We also offer certain injectors with the following suffix after the part number.
(If your injector is not listed contact us for pricing)

H = Premium Marine (all new internal performance parts) * P = New Tip and Plunger & Bushing * T = New Tip
V = High Load Spring (better atomization of the fuel resulting in better fuel consumption)

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Part No. Description Model Condition Price QOH Brand
R5235575Injector, Series 50/60Series 50/60Reman$336.020Detroit Diesel
R5226125Injector, 160mmSeries 149Reman$409.843Detroit Diesel
R5226130Injector, 190mmSeries 149Reman$409.841Detroit Diesel
R5226520Injector, 240mmSeries 149Reman$409.840Detroit Diesel
R5226725Injector, 230mmSeries 149Reman$276.100Detroit Diesel
R5226755Injector 149, 145mmSeries 149Reman$276.105Detroit Diesel
View Images R5227270Injector, 270mmSeries 149Reman$409.8428Detroit Diesel
R5229635Injector, 120mmSeries 149Reman$409.8476Detroit Diesel
R5229640Injector, 130mmSeries 149Reman$409.840Detroit Diesel
R5229645Injector, 140mmSeries 149Reman$409.840Detroit Diesel
R5229650Injector, 150mmSeries 149Reman$409.840Detroit Diesel
R5229655Injector, 165mmSeries 149Reman$409.8423Detroit Diesel
R5229660Injector, 180mmSeries 149Reman$409.8417Detroit Diesel
R5229830Injector, 195mmSeries 149Reman$409.845Detroit Diesel
R5229910Injector, 170mmSeries 149Reman$409.841Detroit Diesel
RR5226125Injector, 160mmSeries 149Reman$491.033Detroit Diesel
RR5227155Injector, 7155Series 149Reman$469.880Detroit Diesel
S5226130Injector, 190mmSeries 149New/Surplus$864.4824Detroit Diesel
23526170Injector, w/Ring & U-GrooveSeries 4000New$1,599.530Detroit Diesel
View Images RRFE4E00001Injector*Reman$562.140Detroit Diesel
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All of our injectors carry a one (1) year warranty. The injectors are calibrated into A, B and C flow classifications. All returned injector cores must be rebuildable and returned within 30 days of the date of the invoice to receive core credit. We accept injector cores which fall into the same core class. All High Horse injectors and injectors that are uncommon or in short supply must be returned like for like.