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Part No. Description Model Brand Serial Condition Price QOH
View Images R23502734Blower, 6/12V92TAB 100% RemoteSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$999.425
View Images R23502057Blower, 6/12V92 100 % BypassSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$999.426
View Images R23518854Blower, 6V92 Maxi BypassSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$1,075.820
View Images RR5147252Blower, 6V92N/T RemoteSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$2,249.313
View Images R8925153Blower, 6V92TA, Small RotorSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$951.241
R8923953Blower, 6V92TAB 83%Series 92Detroit DieselReman$951.240
View Images R8926407Blower, 6V92TAB 83%Series 92Detroit DieselReman$951.246
View Images R8926615Blower, 6V92TAB 83%Series 92Detroit DieselReman$951.241
RR8926407Blower, 6V92TAB 83%Series 92Detroit DieselReman$1,876.834
View Images 8927039Blower, 6V92TAB 100% DirectSeries 92Detroit DieselNew$3,400.001
R8927039Blower, 6V92TAB 100% DirectSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$951.246
RR8927039Blower, 6V92TAB 100% DirectSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$1,756.767
R8927156Blower, 6V92TAB 100% RemoteSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$951.240
View Images R23503027Blower, 8/16V92 MIDI Bypass, 100%Series 92Detroit DieselReman$951.245
View Images R8927041Blower, 8/16V92TAB 100% DirectSeries 92Detroit DieselReman$951.245
View Images R23511019Blower, 8V/16V92 MIDI Bypass, 100%Series 92Detroit DieselReman$1,079.554
R8921938Blower, 8V71/92 Lg. Brg. Direct, 1 in. web (.009)Series V71/92Detroit DieselReman$951.240
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