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Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
View Images R5199560Fuel Pump, 53/71/92, Std. L.H.Series 53/71/92Detroit DieselReman$97.3255
View Images R5199561Fuel Pump, 53/71/92, Std. R.H.Series 53/71/92Detroit DieselReman$97.3255
View Images R5199735Fuel Pump, 53/71/92 Hi-Cap, L.H.Series 53/71/92Detroit DieselReman$97.3242
View Images 5199734Fuel Pump, 53/71/92 Hi-Cap R.H., Std. CoverSeries 53/71/92Detroit DieselNew$189.291
View Images R5199734Fuel Pump, 53/71/92 Hi-Cap R.H., Std. CoverSeries 53/71/92Detroit DieselReman$97.3214
View Images R5107676Fuel Pump, 53/71 Hi-Cap L.H., Std. CoverSeries 53/71Detroit DieselReman$97.320
View Images 23505559Fuel PumpSeries 60Detroit DieselNew$459.283
View Images 23535723Fuel PumpSeries 60Detroit DieselNew$612.292
View Images R5138694Fuel Pump, 149 OSSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$298.480
View Images R8923514Fuel Pump, 149Series 149Detroit DieselReman$345.130
View Images R23505775Fuel Pump, 149Series 149Detroit DieselReman$357.480
E23523815Fuel Pump, 12/16V4000, Low Pressure*Series 4000Detroit DieselExchange$1,098.210
E23523814Fuel Pump, 12V4000, Low Pressure MDEC*Series 4000Detroit DieselExchange$730.090
View Images RR23537686F/Pmp(Viton)Detroit Diesel$330.152
View Images RR23523754F/Pump AsmDetroit Diesel$349.921
View Images X52408100006Fuel Pump*Detroit DieselNew$1,257.970
View Images 23515518Fuel PumpDetroit Diesel$183.752
View Images RR23507409Fuel PumpDetroit Diesel$363.356
View Images RRX52407500053InjectorDetroit Diesel$1,984.080
View Images RR23506221Pump FuelDetroit Diesel$451.630
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