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Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
R23511948Water Pump, 8V149Series 149Detroit DieselReman$723.550
View Images R23519134Water Pump, 12V149 Big BearingSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$1,545.564
View Images R23515909Water Pump, 12V149 Small Brg.Series 149Detroit DieselReman$1,412.045
23519135Water Pump, 12V149Series 149Detroit DieselNew$1,718.890
RR23515914Water Pump, 16V149, Small Brg. RH GearSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$926.590
View Images R23519138Water Pump, 16V149 Large Brg.Series 149Detroit DieselReman$1,841.137
View Images R23515913Water Pump, 16V149 Small Brg.Series 149Detroit DieselReman$1,412.045
23519133Water Pump, 20V149Series 149Detroit DieselNew$6,155.950
View Images R23512230Water Pump, 20V149Series 149Detroit DieselReman$1,841.130
R23506028Water Pump, 149 Hi-Cap L.H.Series 149Detroit DieselReman$150.000
View Images 5156720Water Pump, 2-71 MarineDetroit Diesel$1,737.411
R23515911Water Pump, 8V149Detroit Diesel$996.121
View Images R23506755Water Pump, 12V71T, Unitized (Has Threaded Hole)Detroit Diesel$1,603.365
View Images E23539250Water Pump, 14L S60Detroit Diesel$2,220.490
View Images EX52420200011Water Pump, High TempDetroit Diesel$2,037.170
View Images RR23506685Water Pump 8V71Detroit Diesel$372.713
View Images RR23536332Water Pump KitDetroit Diesel$374.772
View Images 23525449Water PumpDetroit DieselNew$1,405.950
View Images 5222003101Water PumpDetroit Diesel$3,679.990
X53620200014/87Water PumpDetroit Diesel$7,780.360
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