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Cylinder Heads Listing

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Part No. Description Model Brand Serial Condition Price QOH
View Images R5198203HCyl. Head, 3/6V53 Hi-Lift CompleteSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$900.273
View Images R23504248HCyl. Head, 3/6V53 High-Lift CompleteSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$1,960.960
R5198203LCyl. Head, 3/6V53 Low-Lift CompleteSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$900.273
R23504248LCyl. Head, 3/6V53 Low-Lift CompleteSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$1,960.960
R5198203VHCyl. Head, 3/6V53 V&S Hi-LiftSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$696.000
View Images R5198203VLCyl. Head, 3/6V53 V&S Low-LiftSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$696.000
R5198202VHCyl. Head, 4-53N/T V&S Hi-Lift 4VSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$957.000
View Images R5198202HCyl. Head, 4/8V53 High-Lift CompleteSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$1,142.358
View Images R5196033VCylinder Head, 2-53, 2V V&SSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$464.000
View Images R23504251LNew Cyl. Head, 3-53T V&S Low-LiftSeries 53Detroit DieselNew/Reman$1,720.651
View Images R23521963Cyl. Head, 149 N/T/TI, Non-Cer/BridgedSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$1,145.7617
View Images R23521556Cyl. Head 149 Non-Cer/Floating BridgeSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$983.770
PC-E23521556New Cyl. Head, 149 Floating BridgeSeries 149Detroit DieselNew$1,194.351
View Images PC-E23521963New Cyl. Head, 149 Non-Cer/BridgedSeries 149Detroit DieselNew$1,526.3425
RR5240104520Cyl. Head, S4000 w/Bridgepins & ValvesSeries 4000Detroit DieselReman$1,371.910
5240105720Cylinder Head, S4000 CompleteSeries 4000Detroit DieselNew$2,099.860
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