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Cylinder Heads Listing

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Part No. Description Model Brand Serial Condition Price QOH
R23526844Cylinder Head, 12.7/14L S60Series 60Detroit DieselReman$3,699.680
R23525566Cylinder Head, S60, 3 Bolt CamSeries 60Detroit DieselReman$3,417.242
View Images R23525567Cylinder Head, S60, Early 2-BoltSeries 60Detroit DieselReman$3,417.240
R5102771VCyl. Head, 4/8V71T V&S, 4VSeries 71 & V71Detroit DieselReman$1,103.620
R5102770MCyl. Head, 6-71T, Hi-HorseSeries 71 & V71Detroit DieselReman$2,764.313
R5102770VCyl. Head, 6/12V71T, V&S 4VSeries 71 & V71Detroit DieselReman$1,655.465
R5102770VMCyl. Head, 6/12V71TM, V&S OnlySeries 71 & V71Detroit DieselReman$2,372.180
View Images R23504264New Cyl. Head, 4-71T, CompleteSeries 71 & V71Detroit DieselNew/Reman$2,672.920
View Images R5189858Cylinder Head, 2-71, 2VSeries 71Detroit DieselReman$342.650
R5198218Cylinder Head, 3-71, 2VSeries 71Detroit DieselReman$734.271
R5198216Cylinder Head, 4-71, 2VSeries 71Detroit DieselReman$979.040
View Images R5198219Cylinder Head, 6-71, 2VSeries 71Detroit DieselReman$1,823.531
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