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Engine Number & Number Location Guide

Example: TU 30008 U 510256 F
Engine family and type code TU
Parts list number or SOS order ref. number 30008
Country of manufacture code U
Engine Serial Number 510256
Year of manufacture code F

Engine Family and Type Code

A Phaser/1004 Series DK 1103A-33T 1104D Series UF 804C-33T
AA 1004-4 E 4.108 Series NH 1104D-E44T V 1106C Series
AB 1004-4T ED 4.108 NJ 1104D-E44TA VK 1106C-E60TA
AC 1004-4T G 4.154/200 Series NK 1104D-44 W 1300 Series Peregrine
AD 1004E-4TW GA 4.154 NL 1104D-44T WB 1306-8T
AE Fed. CC GB 4.135 NM 1104D-44TA WC 1306-8TA
AF 1004-40S GC 4.182 1106D Series WD 1306-7T
AG 1004-4 GD 4.25 PJ 1106D-E66TA WE 1306-7TA
AH 1004-4T GE 4.30 R 6.247 Series WF 1306-8T NGD
New 1000 Series H 4.165 Series RA 6.247 WG 1306-8TA NGD
AJ 1004-40 HA 4.165 1104C Series WH 1306-9T NGD
AK 1004-40T 400 Series RE 1104C-44 WJ 1306-9TA-NGD
AL 1004-40TA HB 402C-05 RF 1104C-E44 1300 Series EDI
AM 1004-40T HD 403C-07 RG 1104C-44T WK 1306-E76T
AP 1004-40 HH 403C-11 RH 1104C-E44T WL 1306-E76TA
AQ 1004-40T HL 403C-15 RJ 1104C-44TA WM 1306-E87T
AR 1004-42 HN 404C-15 RK 1104C-E44TA WN 1306-E87TA
AS 1004-42 HP 404C-22 1104A Series WP 1306-E76T
AT 1004-40TA HR 404C-22T RR 1104A-44 WQ 1306-E76TA
B Prima/500 Series J 4.203 Series RS 1104A-44T WR 1306-E87T
BA 504-2 JD 4.203 SD Sabre CC6.68 WS 1306-E87TA
BB 504-2T JE D4.203 T 6.354 Series X V8.540 Series
C 3.152 Series JF G4.203 TC 6.354 XA V8.510
CA P3 JG 4.2032 TD H6.354 XB TV8.510
CB 3.144 K Perama/100 Series TE T6.354 XC V8.540
CC P3.144 KD 3 cylinder, 1.0 litre TF HT6.354 XE TV8.540
CD 3.152 KE 3 cylinder, 1.5 litres TG 6.3541 1103D Series
CE D3.152 KF 4 cylinder, 2.0 litres TH T6.3541 XK 1103D-33
CF G3.152 KH 3 cylinder, 1.3 litres TJ 6.3542 XL 1103D-33T
CG P3.152 KL 3 cylinder, .07 litre TK C6.3542 XM 1103D-33TA
CJ 3.1522 KN 2 cylinder, 0.5 litre TP T6.3543 Y Phaser / 1006 Series
CM 3.1524 KR 4 cylinder, 2.2 litres TR 6.372 YA 1006-6
CN T3.1524 KS 3 cylinder, 1.1 litres TT TC6.3541 YB 1006-6T
900 Series L 4.236 Series TU T6.3544 YC 1006-6T
CP 903-27 LA 4.212 TV 6.3724 YD 1006E-6TW
CR 903-27T LD 4.236 TW 6.3544 YE Fed. CC
CT 903-27S LE G4.236 TX C6.3544 YF 1006-60S
D 1103C Series LF 4.248 TY H6.3544 New 1000 Series
DC 1103C-33 LG 4.2482 TZ HT6.3544 YG 1006-60
DD 1103C-33T LH C4.236 U 700 Series YH 1006-60T
1103B Series LJ T4.236 UA 704-30 YJ 1006-60TA
DF 1103B-33 LM 4.41 UB 704-26 YK 1006-60TW
DG 1103B-33T N 4.318 Series UC 704-30 Z V8.640 Series
1103A Series NC 4.318 800 Series ZA V8.640
DJ 1103A-33 ND 4.3182 UE 804C-33 ZB TV8.640

Country of Manufacture Code

This code indicates the country in which the basic engine was manufactured.
A Argentina HM Indonesia P Poland
B Brazil HK Iraq S India
C Australia HU Uruguay SA South Africa
D Germany J Japan T Turkey
E Spain K Korea U UK
F France L Italy V Pakistan
G Greece M Mexico W Iran
H Group MX Mexico X Peru
HC China N USA Y Yugoslavia

Year of Manufacture Code

This code indicates the calendar year of manufacture.
The letters I, O, Q, R and Z will not be used.
A 1974 M 1985 B 1996
B 1975 N 1986 C 1997
C 1976 P 1987 D 1998
D 1977 S 1988 E 1/1/99-31/3/99
E 1978 T 1989 F 1/4/99-31/12/99
F 1979 U 1990 G 2000
G 1980 V 1991 H 2001
H 1981 W 1992 J 2002
J 1982 X 1993 K 2003
K 1983 Y 1994 L 2004
L 1984 A 1995 M 2005
A Air to Air Charge Cooling H Horizontal
C Compensated N Narrow Front End
CC Charged Cooled P Timing Chain
D Direct Injection S Spark Ignition
E Electronic T Turbocharged
F Federal Emissions U Unit Injection
FF Federal Emissions V V Form
G Gasoline/Gas W Water to Air Charge Cooling
Engine Type Position
3.152 M
4.108 A
4.154 / 200 Series B
4.165 B or G
4.203 J or N
4.212 C
Engine Type Position
4.236 C or L
4.248 C
4.318 F
4.41 H
6.247 C or F
6.354 D
V8540 Q
Engine Type Position
V8.640 P
700 Series K
900 Series C
Perama/100 Series O
Prima/500 Series E
Phaser/1000 Series / H or J
1100 Series
Peregrine / 1300 Series I or O