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Governors Listing

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Part No. Description Model Brand Serial Condition Price QOH
View Images 23509513Governor, 3-53 Constant SpeedSeries 53Detroit DieselNew$3,351.850
5107144Governor, 3/4-53 Variable SpeedSeries 53Detroit DieselNew$1,144.760
R5116006Governor, 6V53 DWLSSeries 53Detroit DieselReman$495.000
8924601Governor, 6V53 Limiting SpeedSeries 53Detroit DieselNew$2,564.090
RR23501949Governor, 6V53Series 53Detroit DieselReman$1,174.130
View Images RR23515365Governor, Hydraulic SGX 4 PortSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$3,304.800
View Images R5199010Governor Drive, 12V149 HydraulicSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$937.990
R5198986Governor Drive, 16V149 HydraulicSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$960.040
R5133694Aux. Housing, Mechanical GovernorDetroit DieselReman$485.251
View Images 6885572Governor Asm.Allison$563.241
View Images 23515366Governor Asm.Detroit DieselNew$5,508.180
View Images S6882736GovernorAllison$282.812
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