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Oil Coolers Listing

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Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
PC-23522415Oil Cooler, 10 Plate S60Series 60Detroit DieselNew$235.972
View Images PC-8547561Oil Cooler, 12-12 Engine-Marine PlateSeries V71/92Detroit DieselNew$776.2217
View Images PC-8547554Oil Cooler, 12 PlateSeries V71/92Detroit DieselNew$497.388
View Images PC-8547555Oil Cooler, 12 PlateSeries V71Detroit DieselNew$459.687
PC-8547581Oil Cooler, 13 Plate 3-53Series 53Detroit DieselNew$237.4111
View Images PC-8547236Oil Cooler, 13 PlateSeries 53/71/V71/92Detroit DieselNew$260.5713
52453991Oil Cooler, 16 Plate 6V53TSeries 53Detroit DieselNew$1,571.220
PC-8547556Oil Cooler, 16 Plate 12/16V71Series V71Detroit DieselNew$749.880
View Images PC-8547547Oil Cooler, 16 PlateSeries 53/71/V71/92Detroit DieselNew$310.1612
8547572Oil Cooler, 16 PlateSeries 53Detroit DieselNew$716.600
R23506640Oil Cooler, 16V149TSeries 149Detroit DieselReman$10,018.850
View Images PC-8547195Oil Cooler, 18 PlateSeries 53/71/V71/92Detroit DieselNew$410.255
View Images 52456439Oil Cooler, 20 Plate 6V53Series 53Detroit DieselNew$945.320
View Images PC-8547237Oil Cooler, 24 PlateSeries 71/V71/92Detroit DieselNew$466.8311
View Images R8535369Oil Cooler, 28 Plate 12V149Series 149Detroit DieselReman$150.006
View Images PC-5241880226Oil Cooler, 30 Plate 12/16V149Series 149/4000Detroit DieselNew$592.8626
View Images PC-8547552Oil Cooler, 32 PlateSeries V71/92Detroit DieselNew$615.4415
RR8547553Oil Cooler Core, 16 Plate (2X8)Detroit Diesel$270.3213
RR8547543Oil Cooler Core, 30 Plate 16V149Series 149Detroit DieselReman$317.460
8547571Oil CoolerDetroit DieselNew$553.790
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