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Kocsis Hydraulic Starting Systems

C Series Front End Starter Parts
(Drives, Flanges, Pinion Housings & Fasteners)

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Part No. Description Group Price QOH
Details View Images BN-1012 Needle Bearing 3.3$$$0
Details BN-100204 Needle Bearing 3.3$$$0
Details View Images DV-202720-1 Drive Assembly (CW) 3.3$$$0
Details DV-202741-1 Drive Assembly - CW (100 Ft-Lbs) 3.3$$$0
Details DV-204170 Drive Assembly - CW (100 Ft-Lbs) 3.3$$$0
Details DV-208821 Shortened DV-202720-1 (CW) 3.3$$$0
Details DV-208822 Shortened DV-202741-1 (CW) 3.3$$$0
Details DV-208825 Shortened DV-204170 (CW) 3.3$$$0
Details FL-208038 Flange Spacer 3.3$$$0
Details View Images GA-207691 Pinion Housing Gasket 3.3$$$0
Details HG-202721 Pinion Hsg Assy (SAE 3) w/Needle Brg. 3.3$$$0
Details HG-202737 Pinion Hsg Assy - SAE 3 Mod w/Needle Brg. 3.3$$$0
Details HG-208843 Pinion Housing -SAE 3 w/Needle Bearing 3.3$$$0
Details HG-208848 Pinion Hsg Assly - SAE 3 Mod w/Needle Brg. 3.3$$$0
Details View Images SC-100196 12 Point Screw 3.3$$$0
Details View Images WA-6-10BL Lock Washer 3.3$$$0

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