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New Perkins Engines

Industrial Open Power Units - IOPU's and Electric Power Engines - ElectropaK's

Perkins has long been established as the World leader in Diesel engines and one of the World's largest suppliers of diesel engines for power generation. It is a success that can only be attributed to providing products that align closely with customer needs in each off-highway sector.

Perkins understands the demands of the industry. By combining the convenience of a cost effective cooling and filtration solution, Perkins minimizes machine development and electric power manufacturers development time and costs, enabling applications to be powered with ease.

We supply the 400 Series and 1100 Series engines which meet Stage 2 Off Highway Emissions Standards. The IOPU's range from 25BHP to 174BHP and ElectropaK's from 10kW to 112kW.

The benefits of improved productivity from increased power and torque, increased refinement from lower noise and harshness, and lower cost of ownership from 500 hours service intervals and 2 year warranties have made the 400 Series a class leading and award winning product in the compact engine market. 

Perkins new 1100 Series utilizes new technology and sets new standards in productivity, refinement, and cost of ownership. With the choice of naturally aspirated, turbocharged and Turbo Charge cooled models featuring mechanical governing. The 1104C has the choice of mechanical or full-authority electronically controlled variants for all aspirations.

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