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Part No. Description Model Brand Condition Price QOH
S89211488.2 Intake R/A Detroit DieselNew/Surplus$30.975
S3531287Actuator, TurboCumminsNew/Surplus$58.182
S23534930ActuatorDetroit Diesel$351.671
S5123636AdapterDetroit Diesel$115.731
View Images S1569407AdaptorDetroit Diesel$199.125
S23522728Adjusting Screw KitDetroit Diesel$158.683
S5127041Barb, 45 Deg., 3/4" NPTx1"Detroit Diesel$10.791
View Images S5186710Bearing AsmDetroit Diesel$31.883
S903303BearingDetroit Diesel$12.671
View Images S907933BearingDetroit Diesel$80.227
View Images S908001BearingDetroit Diesel$25.351
View Images S908208BearingDetroit Diesel$85.481
View Images S954418BearingDetroit Diesel$39.004
View Images S5150285BearingDetroit Diesel$39.871
View Images S7451054BearingDetroit Diesel$35.0419
View Images S7455623BearingDetroit Diesel$40.705
View Images S5108121Blower Repair Kit, 71T Small BrgDetroit Diesel$153.024
S8923049Blwr Dr. Shaft, 6.67"Detroit Diesel$64.873
View Images S446682BoltDetroit Diesel$2.081
S5117649BoltDetroit Diesel$1.6079
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