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R5198202VH Cylinder Head, 4/8V53 Hi-Lift 4V V&S

Model: Series 53
Description: Cylinder Head, 4/8V53 Hi-Lift 4V V&S
Additional Info: Fits 4-53 and 8V53 Naturally Aspirated and Turbocharged Engines with High Lift Camshafts. Cylinder Heads are Complete with New Exhaust Valves, Valve Springs and a Plug Pack.
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P C Industries supplies both Genuine and OEM Replacement parts for Detroit Diesel engines.

We utilize the same numbering system as Detroit Diesel.

OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our OEM replacement parts carry a two year warranty and remanufactured parts carry a one year warranty.

All of our used parts have been qualified by certified technicians.

Prefix Identification
  • “C” - Qualified Used or Rebuildable Part.
  • “E” - New Exchange Genuine Detroit Diesel.
  • “G” - New Take Off Genuine Detroit Diesel.
  • “PC” - New OEM Replacement Part.
  • “R” - Powerline Components® Remanufactured.
  • “RR” - Genuine DDC Reliabilt® Remanufactured.
  • “S” - New Surplus Genuine Detroit Diesel.
  • “U” - Qualified Used or Rebuildable Part.
  • No Prefix - New Genuine Detroit Diesel.