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How to use our John Deere PCI E-Parts Catalog

The header for each catalog page contains information to help you identify the correct engine application. All parts are listed in groups followed by a reference number used to locate the correct part in the parts picture. Next the part number is listed followed by a description which can contain casting numbers, serial number breaks and other information to aid in correct identification, followed by the quantity required for the engine.
Engine components are grouped in the following order.

  1. Cylinder Head and Parts - (Cyl. Head)
  2. Electrical
  3. Intake and Exhaust Manifolds - (Int/Exh Mfld.)
  4. Camshafts and Parts - (Camshaft)
  5. Fuel Systems and Parts - (Fuel Sys.)
  6. Cooling System - (Cooling Sys.)
  7. Cylinder Block and Parts - (Cyl. Block)
  8. Crankshaft/Oil Pump and Parts - (Crankshaft)
  9. Pistons, Liners and Parts - (Pstn/Liner)
  10. Overhaul Kits - (O/H Kits)

This catalog does not replace the John Deere parts catalog or service materials. If in doubt, reference your John Deere publications.