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PC-6OH3802062A Complete Overhaul Kit, 17.3:1 CR, 0.5mm OS, 6B5.9.

Manufacturer: Cummins
Weight: 35.77 lb.
Description: Complete Overhaul Kit, 17.3:1 CR, 0.5mm OS, 6B5.9
Price: $671.78

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This Kit Contains:

Part Number Description Qty
PC-3934048  Piston Pin, B-Series 6
PC-3802062  Piston Kit, 17.3:1 CR, 0.5mm OS, Early 6
PC-4955853  Main Bearing Set, Std. 1
PC-3939859  Con-Rod Bearing Half, Std. U/L 12
PC-3802376  Lower Engine Gasket Set, 6B5.9 1
PC-3802363  Head Gasket Set, 6B5.9, 1984-90 1