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PC-6OHRE53073A Complete Overhaul Kit, 6068, Std. Brg..

Manufacturer: John Deere
Weight: 93.70 lb.
Description: Complete Overhaul Kit, 6068, Std. Brg.
Price: $1179.12

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This Kit Contains:

Part Number Description Qty
PC-RE53073  Cylinder Kit, H. Ring, 6.414T/6068T 6
PC-R119874  Camshaft Bushing 1
PC-AR97517  Con-Rod Bearing, Std. 6
PC-R74195  Con-Rod Cap Screw, 300 Series 12
PC-RE521350  Main Bearing, Std. Flanged 1
PC-RE27352  Main Bearing, Std. 6
PC-R57451  Con-Rod Bushing 6
PC-RE38555  Overhaul Gasket Set 1
PC-SK67942  Crankshaft Oil Seal Kit, Front & Rear 1