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PC-OH2726 Complete Re-Ring Kit, 3126.

Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Weight: 0.00 lb.
Description: Complete Re-Ring Kit, 3126
Price: $1104.75
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This Kit Contains:

Part Number Description Qty
PC-RS3126E  Piston Ring Set, 3126B And 3126E 6
PC-2124893  Main Bearing, Std. Flanged 1
PC-1077708  Main Bearing, Std. 6
PC-1687226  Piston Pin, 3126 6
PC-2246638  Con-Rod Bearing, Std. 6
PC-2382726  Piston Skirt, Std. 3126 Crosshead 6
PC-7C0111  Piston Pin Retainer 12
PC-3126091  Complete Overhaul Gasket Set, 3126 1